Frequently Asked Questions

All of our driving is one-on-one.  A parent, guardian or interpreter is welcome to ride along as a back-seat to observer anytime. The only time they would have an additional student – is at the end of their lesson, we might pick up the next student for their lesson. We cannot have others or children (not students) in the car – because of insurance purposes.

I drive newly model Toyota Prius with dual break and gas pedals

Yes, our courses do include some freeway driving, usually during the student’s third lesson. I make difficult learning situations easier. However, freeway driving is solely at the instructor’s discretion at the time of the third training session, based on the student’s level of driving ability.

Sam’s Private Driving Lessons guarantees your son or daughter will get the best behind-the-wheel training available. In addition, we will have practice tests and discuss the DMV driving exam in our lessons. However, remember that you, the parent, play a crucial part in your child’s driving career. After your teen completes their behind-the-wheel training with Sam, you will need to drive with them as well to continue to reinforce the principles of safe driving and practice the skills learned during the drivers training sessions.

We’ll pick you up! You always get front door service with Sam as long as you reside within our behind the wheel training area. That means that you get picked up and dropped off at your front door for each lesson.

Sam will pick up any student for their driving lesson appointment wherever you designate. We can pick you up or drop you off at school, work or home. Make sure to let us know where you would like to be picked up when you book your appointment.

It is mandatory that all driving school students must have their learners permit with them at all times when taking our course.

We do not recommend parents to ride in the vehicle during your child’s lesson.  Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be stressful for teens.  Sam is very serious about the training eit provides its students.  We try our best to make the first lesson non-stressful and pleasant.

Yes. Instructors and students are allowed to take 5 to 10-minute breaks during Behind-the-Wheel training sessions.

There is no time requirement to complete the course, however we strongly encourage you to begin your driving lessons as soon as possible. In this way, from the beginning you will learn all of the proper driving habits and techniques required to pass the DMV Drive test and become the safest driver possible. Furthermore, you shouldn’t space your driving lessons out much more than a couple of weeks. If you schedule your driving lessons close to one another, you can develop a more solid driving foundation which will prevent you from picking up any bad habits that can affect your ability to pass the DMV Drive Test.

Yes. I am certified driving instructor in the state of California. I had to undergo a rigorous training process and a thorough background check.

All of our cars are specially equipped with a passenger-side brake pedal and rearview mirror.

We try to adapt the in-car driving lessons to each individual student. Our goal is to cover as wide a range of skills as possible within the limited time that we have. Our focus is to make you a safe and courteous driver.

If you fail the MVA test, you’ll have to schedule another appointment to take it again. If you’ve paid us to have an instructor take you there in our car, and want to do so again, you’ll have to pay again for a new appointment. This can be quite costly, so it’s always a good idea to be sure you’re ready for the test before you go.

Yes. Anyone can take our driving lessons to learn to drive and/or better their driving skills. Must have a valid California Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License.

Nope! You do not need a car to take the Behind-the-Wheel lessons with Safety 1st Driving School. We provide the training vehicle. Our instructors will pick you up and drop you off at your location indicated on your registration.